St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Spring Hill Brisbane had an Australian first as Doctor Toby Cohen completed the a Valiant Navion stent graft.

Hospital Manager Dr Michael Gillman said it was a major milestone for the hospital, which is focused on providing innovative options for their patients.

“Announcing this latest Australian-first in vascular surgery demonstrates the commitment by our surgical teams to find the best possible outcomes for our patients.

“For more than 60 years, St Andrew’s has been pioneering lifesaving treatments and this recent procedure in vascular surgery complements previous advancements at our hospital.

“These ongoing developments are a success due to the innovation, collaboration and dedication by a team of highly skilled specialists at St Andrew’s,” said Dr Gillman.

Used to treat patients suffering from a thoracic aneurysm (a dilated and weakened wall of the major artery of the chest), the Valiant Navion stent graft is specialised due to its smaller size and precise ability to treat the aorta.

Dr Toby Cohen, an Endovascular Surgeon at St Andrew’s and the first surgeon to complete this procedure in Australia, said that without access to this lifesaving treatment, the patient’s survival rates were low.

“Previously, patients with smaller iliac arteries would not be eligible to receive treatment, but with the smaller profile of the stent graft we were able to carefully guide it into the arteries of the leg.

“With limited access to the appropriate size of stent graft in Australia, we were determined to find the most appropriate treatment and searched overseas.

“Not only has this further improved the life of the patient, but it has also expanded the opportunity for patients into the future who are eligible for this lifesaving treatment,” said Dr Cohen.

This article has been adapted from PH News.

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